Critical Business Plan Disciplines and Resources

Like any major project, creating a business plan requires many different disciplines and resources. Here, four different plan considerations will be discussed. They are: 1) creation team members, 2) partitioning the plan parts, 3) assigning team member hierarchy and 4) writing and editing the plan. Each of these areas is of great importance.First, appropriate team members must be assembled that have the expertise to address the plan parts. While it isn’t necessary that every one be a skilled writer, they should possess the knowledge needed to create the plan parts. That knowledge can be explicit (e.g., accounting or business management) or process oriented (e.g., internet researcher or editor). Another very important consideration for a member is to assure they are committed to the plan process. The business plan creation process is complex, arduous, stressful and time consuming. Each potential team member must be assessed during an interview to make sure they are a willing and enthusiastic candidate and that they have the ability to work with the team to complete the desired plan.Next, once the business plan creation team has been selected, it will be necessary to partition the plan and assign parts to the various team members. Some members will be doing research (e.g., competitor analysis or internet research), others will be creating plan pieces (e.g., financials or budgets), still others will be assembling the plan pieces and finally someone will be required to write and edit the business plan package.Another important element of the business plan process will be setting up the team member hierarchy. The business plan creation process is complex and there are many opportunities to overlap, conflict and waste effort. It is necessary for each team member to understand his or her exact duties and responsibilities.At the top of the team hierarchy will be a member that is the integration manager. This function is to make sure the plan parts fit together and complement each other. Effectively, the integration manager is the master of the team and his/her skill will contribute to the quality, flow and completeness of the plan. He/she will act as dictator, conciliator and cheerleader during the creation process.The final complex tasks are the writing and editing processes. This daunting process brings together all the research, development facts, financial projections and the marketing concepts into a written document. It is a process to create a clear, unique and doable written plan for the business. It is most of all a marketing document and must talk directly to those outside entities that are to be impressed. Plans are used to obtain investors, financing and other backing. It’s carefully written to address the unique organizations and individuals that will be required to help make this business succeed. It must sell them that plan documents what is needed and how the business will succeed in the accomplishment. While the financials are important the sales and marketing aspects are essential in a positive presentation outcome.In conclusion, the business plan team must have the resources, skills and desire to create a quality plan. The quality, thoroughness and skill of the plan team will determine if the business plan presents the appropriate facts, sells the business opportunity and demonstrates a mastery of the business environment necessary to be successful. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the product or service is, someone must get it to those in need–The business plan gets this process started correctly.

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