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DJM Art: Business Without Office in the Digital Age

4 Important Things in Implementing Digital BusinessThere are four important things in running an information technology -based business or the internet. The four things are focus, segmented, brand empowering, and client support. If the four are run simultaneously and continuously, the unexpected results will be achieved.1. Every business needs focus, meaning that it is impossible for a businessman to be able to see the potential value of the sale when not focusing on the product and product knowledge. So determining focus is very fundamental when starting a business.2. Next determine the market segment. DJM Art is smart enough to choose timeless products, namely accessories. Beads according to information are only owned by two countries as references, namely Indonesia and India.Of the two countries, beads spread to all corners of the world. The choice of this product is very profitable when DJM Art is also able to produce itself. Beads have their own market segments, ranging from certain indigenous communities to design (fashion). Evidently, until now, DJM Art has been playing a number of designers in Jakarta and even Paris.3. Empowering BrandAfter having a clear segment, brand strengthening needs to be done. Empowering brands become mandatory activities for business people. DJM Art does it in a simple way that might be unimaginable, which is only relying on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Therefore, as a young businessman, Sofrul Mukhlis, the owner of DJM Art often said his office was only in the hand, namely a smartphone.In making promos, launching the latest accessories products, to communicating with potential buyers, can only be done through the features in the social networking site. Simple enough!4. Finally, building chemistry with prospective buyers or clients is very important. Because the products offered by DJM Art are nuanced art and not massive, so maintaining the intensity of communication in order to support prospective buyers is very important. All is done through social media until the transaction and the process of delivering goods is done through a freight forwarding service.Only by doing these four things, now the turnover of DJM Art, which is operated from the cities of Mojokerto and Jombang (as a workshop), East Java has reached tens of millions every week.Even before a certain momentum, related to customs in a number of regions in Toraja and Kalimantan, beads became mandatory. Thus orders also jumped drastically to hundreds of millions.Remember! All is done just by relying on a smartphone. If asked by DJM Art, it is an online store that does not have an office like a conventional business. So that the budget savings (office rent, electricity, water, etc.) need not be considered.The interesting lesson is that we can all do as the energetic youth, Sofrul Mukhlis, does. Indeed today, many are doing business using social networks. But has it ever occurred to sharpen the four things that are briefly described above?Conventional business models are increasingly being abandoned. Office infrastructure absorbs a small budget, therefore the choice of ‘business without office’ is a trend in the future. If you have tried it, don’t just post products but do market segment research, strengthen branding, and approach the client in a polite and friendly manner.